Rainmaking Summit — Sep. 20th 2016 at the Copenhagen Opera House


A forum dedicated to strong innovation partnerships between industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Why should entrepreneurs be a part of your company’s next chapter? We’re here to promote a new exchange of inspiration.

Hello 2016: A year where innovation is on top of every CEO’s agenda. In fact, it has been there for some time – so what is different? Well, the entrepreneurs have entered the corporate meeting room, and it looks like they are there to stay. Forget about founders of startups as external threats that might disrupt your business. Now, they are becoming sources of knowledge and technology that will strengthen your company’s capacity for change.

With Rainmaking Summit we invite you to take a cue from market leaders like LEO Pharma, Tryg and Danske Bank, and let startup thinking influence your strategy for the future. We give you a conference that highlights the corporate community’s best innovation initiatives + their collaborations with young companies. We will explore how corporates give startups access to big data, specialist expertise, as well as distribution channels. In Europe, Silicon Valley and beyond. The gain is partnerships that move all players forward.

Rainmaking Summit collects the different ways of bridging an established industry with a fresh approach. From launching a work space for startups within your headquarters, to spearheading an accelerator and using entrepreneurs as a laboratory for ventures into unknown territory.

Take note. Share ideas. And leave again with a bag full of new tools.


The insurance market is changing, and Tryg is looking in new directions to develop their services. With their upcoming project The Camp they are welcoming 300 entrepreneurs on Tryg's company campus. Here ‘tomorrow's competitors' have been adjusted to ‘future collaborators'.
The Camp Team
Danske Bank has become a visible supporter of startups by launching TheHub.dk, a get-what-you-need platform for entrepreneurs. The bank itself works entrepreneurially and builds ventures that can carry themselves without the big corporate machine. First MobilePay, then the housing service Sunday, and what's next?
Danske Bank
Head of Business Banking Lars Mørch
With LEO Innovation Lab, the medical company LEO Pharma, is pulling an ambitious move: Channeling half a billion DKK into an innovation arm with no profit requirements. Only the overall mission of improving life for people with psoriasis. How to get there? Spending maximum 100 days between idea and consumer-ready product.
LEO Innovation Lab
CEO Kristian Hart-Hansen
GoMore is in the middle of growing their car platform, which serves over 500.000 European drivers and co-travellers. Beyond its own success, GoMore highlights how a company can navigate the sharing economy space and be profitable and sustainable at once.
CEO & Co-Founder Matias Dalsgaard
Vivino has taught 17 million users to read a wine label properly, since the app launched in 2009. Today, Vivino is looking to become a global one-stop shop that allows people to find and buy any bottle via their smartphone. Collaborating closely with established industry players like Moët Hennessy is part of the formula.
CEO & Founder Heini Zachariassen
David is a technologist and a restless entrepreneur with a passion for creating feedback loops between innovation and teams and revenue streams, applying new and old business models to changing industries, and pushing people to do the very best they can do.

He served as CEO of the game technology company Unity Technologies since co-founding it in 2003 and until October 2014, with an unflinching vision to democratize game development, and to develop technology and business models for the next phase of the games industry.
Unity Technologies
Founder & Executive VP David Helgason
Jordan is a serial entrepreneur, former VC and expert trainer. Presently, Jordan is a Partner at Rainmaking Innovation, where he specialises in collaborating with corporates, governments and universities to collide with startups to foster innovation that transforms industries. Jordan is also a Venture Partner at Vectr Ventures and an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at University College London. Jordan holds an MEng from Oxford University and escaped an early career in corporate finance.
Rainmaking Innovation
Partner Jordan Schlipf
Ulrik already helps corporates like Toyota and Coca-Cola with navigating as intelligent as possible through the social media stream. Falcon.io launched in Copenhagen in 2010 and today they have offices in New York, Berlin and Budapest, and employees and customers from around the world. Prior to Falcon.io, Ulrik founded and ran the digital agency Mingler.
Founder & CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen
Mr. Gifford is strongly invested in future ways of doing business. By creating bonds between Danish and American innovators, but also through his involvement in Student Startup Growth Academy: An initiative that lets rising entrepreneurs pitch their business plan to venture capitalists, decision makers and U.S. corporate leaders.

He worked on President Obama's 2008 Presidential race in California and moved to Washington, DC following Obama's historic election. At the start of the 2012 election, Ambassador Gifford moved to Chicago to help launch the re-election campaign of the President.  He served as a Senior Staff member and Finance Director of the campaign – ultimately responsible for its more than billion dollar budget.
U.S. Embassy
U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford
During the last 20 years, Martin has started 10 companies, most notable Frokost.dk and Rainmaking. Part of the Rainmaking family, Rainmaking Innovation is a global innovation consultancy, re-shaping industries, ecosystems, and mindsets by working with some of the world's most forward thinking corporations and governments around the globe to find and forge the path of disruptive innovation across industries and ecosystems. Rainmaking works with leading brands such as Siemens, Tesco, Airbus, and many more.
Co-Founder Martin Bjergegaard
The Facility & Service Management sector is changing rapidly with the arrival of new technologies. ISS aims to shape this development through Corporate Garage, a project made to drive innovation through all its organizational layers. The ultimate goal of ISS Corporate Garage? Invite all employees to join the process and deliver great service experiences for future customers.
CFO Global Operations & Commercial Thomas Zeihlund
Alex Farcet is the lead founder of Startupbootcamp, a global startup accelerator with programs across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. It was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen with the mission of supporting the world's best young entrepreneurs as they grow their startups. In 2014 Startupbootcamp has expanded to become the leading European accelerator and one of the top 3 largest in the world.
Co-founder Alex Farcet
Christian aims at minimizing the gap between Danish companies and the entrepreneurial heart of Silicon Valley, still one of the world's primary hotspots for technological innovations. For Denmark Bridge the way ahead is to bring disruptive startups, investors and large corporations together across the Atlantic through strategic, high-level networking and knowledge sharing.
Denmark Bridge
Chairman Christian Motzfeldt
Seriously passionate about all things digital, Christiane Vejlø, runs Radio24syv's weekly tech dispatch Elektronista and the blog of the same name. For more than a decade she has sparked people's interest in new technology, never hesitant to ask: Will this gadget actually make my life better? Also a long time advisor of company leaders, we're happy to have her on stage as the host of Rainmaking Summit.
Christiane Vejlø
Tommy Ahlers is the founder of Zyb, the phone backup service, which he sold to Vodafone in 2008 for 235 million DKK. Subsequently he worked within Vodafone's organisation for a few years, until he became a part of networking startup Podio. In 2013 it was acquired by Citrix for 330 million DKK. Today involved in a range of young companies across industries, including Peakon, Tradono, and Sponsta.
Tommy Ahlers
Entrepreneur & business angel
The media has named Camilla's startup as the Spotify version of books. At 22 years of age she established Lix, and went on to challenge the traditional way students buy and read psychical textbooks. Lix has recently received an investment of 18 million DKK from North Media Online,and the future is looking bright with plans to extend in foreign markets and become a global player.
Lix Technologies
Camilla Hessellund Lastein, Founder & CEO

SEPTEMBER 20th 2016

Arrival at the Copenhagen Opera House + light breakfast
"The Global Startup Revolution and why it matters to all of us"
By Martin Bjergegaard, co-founder of Rainmaking 
When Rainmaking Loft launched in London 3 years ago there were 5 co-working spaces for tech entrepreneurs in the whole city. Today, there are 140. As Startupbootcamp was created in 2010 it was the first European startup accellerator of its kind. Today Europe offers hundreds of accelerators that last year invested in 2574 startups. The entrepreneurial culture has already completely redefined Berlin and Helsinki, and the same is now happening in Stockholm and Copenhagen. What does all this mean for a modern day corporate that wants to stay relevant? Rainmaking's Martin Bjergegaard sets the stage.
"Why the US is the world leader of innovation and what Denmark can learn?"
By Rufus Gifford, US Ambassador
Silicon Valley has for decades been the global driver and showcase for radical innovation and real business disruption. With the recent explosive growth in the startup ecosystems of New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Austin etc. the United States are taking the next step in manifesting and spreading out innovation as a core part of the country's DNA. American entrepreneurs are launching game-changing companies at a higher pace than any other country. What can a small country like Denmark, and the Danish corporates, learn from the American innovation culture? Rufus Gifford has a leg in both countries, and an eye for the quick wins as well as the long term perspectives.
"How my startup grew and is shaping tomorrow's gaming industry"
By David Helgason, Co-founder of Unity Technologies
This summer Unity Technologies was featured in Financial Times, revealing that US and Chinese investors had poured more than 1 billion DKK into the only 12-year-old company. Valuation: more than 10 billion DKK. Unity has built an engine that 5.5 million game developers all over the world favour when the set out to build the next big hit. Some of these got really big. Like Pokemon Go + numerous upcoming hits in the field of virtual reality gaming. David shares the most pivotal moments from this amazing journey and explains: How could the gaming industry leave the door wide open for a guy from Denmark who learned to program, when his childhood computer crashed.
"What can corporates learn from the most progressive startups in Denmark today?"
Take advice from Heini Zachariassen (Vivino), Matias Dalsgaard (GoMore), Ulrik Bo Larsen (Falcon.io), and Tommy Ahlers (entrepreneur)
If you are into wine, you know about Vivino. And you are probably using the app -just like 18 million other wine enthusiasts. If you follow the sharing economy, you are fully aware of GoMore - the peer-to-peer car rental and ride sharing service that has during the last couple of years gotten 10% of the Danish population as customers, and are now expanding into the rest of Europe. If you don't work with marketing and customer experience you might have missed the elegant ascent of Falcon.io, a Danish startup launched in Copenhagen in 2010 that now has 230 employees around the world. They will be joined by Tommy Ahlers, one of the few Danish entrepreneurs that within 8 years has created and sold two startups each for around a quarter of a billion DKK. The panel is moderated by Alex Farcet, Founder of the global accelerator Startupbootcamp.
Networking break
"Co-creating with startups – success stories and hard earned learnings"
By Lars Morch, Head of Business Banking, Danske Bank
When Denmark's largest bank decided to step up its commitment to the flourishing Danish startup scene, they entered a partnership with Rainmaking. Together they launched TheHub - an online platform focused on helping startups with both finding talent and new investment opportunities. Danske Bank already works entrepreneurially and builds ventures that can support themselves without involving the big corporate machine. First MobilePay, then the housing service Sunday, and what's next?
"When is it a good idea to have 300 entrepreneurs moving in at your headquarters?"
By the Tryg Team
The status-quo is certainly changing for insurance companies as their market is being challenged by both technological developments and new customer perspectives. Tryg - one of the largest insurance group in the Nordic region with more than 2.7 million customers, knows that new times require new rules, and they just brought to life a 21st Century relevant project. With The Camp, they are opening their corporate door to 300 entrepreneurs in an attempt to find new disruptive paths. The Tryg Team takes the stage and talks about how they will overcome the challenges that come along with such an ambitious project.
"The shortest distance between idea and consumer ready product via startup thinking"
By Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO, LEO Innovation Lab
The pharmaceutical industry has always been in a battle against time to find new and better treatments for attending to patients' needs. With LEO Innovation Lab, the research-based pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma is investing 500 million DKK into an innovation arm with no profit requirements. Their ultimate goal? Creating a better life for people living with psoriasis. How do they get there? Getting entrepreneurs on board and spending less than 100 days between idea and consumer ready product.
"How to make innovation part of your organizational DNA – and then evolve to survive"
By Thomas Zeihlund, CFO, ISS
Innovation is part of the DNA at ISS, one of the world’s leading facility services companies. But regardless of its size or market position, every company must rapidly evolve to adapt to the next generation of challenges. In response to transforming markets and technology, ISS has launched a new initiative to drive innovation through all its organisational layers, from front-line employees to executive leadership. Through this initiative – called the Corporate Garage – ISS is empowering its half a million employees to contribute fresh ideas and pioneer new ways to provide the world-class service to its customers.
"Taking networking and knowledge sharing to the next level, in pursuit of better innovation?"
By Christian Motzfeld, Chairman, DenmarkBridge and CEO, Vækstfonden
Arguably the most famous tech zone on Planet Earth, Silicon Valley – home to so many tech companies and startups that have changed and will continue to change the world, is rightly seen as a stimulus for DenmarkBridge, a membership-driven organization established by A.P. Møller – Maersk, Danske Bank, Dansk Industri, LEGO and Vækstfonden. DenmarkBridge aims at supporting both large companies and startups, by bridging them across the Atlantic through strategic networking and knowledge sharing.
Dear attendee, for the next 40 minutes the stage is yours
You all come from different companies and industries, and the challenges of your innovation plans might be very different from the ones of the attendee sitting next to you. Through our engaging workshop we invite everyone to take an active role in improving the collaboration between your corporation and your favorite startups. Speak your mind, share ideas, and build tomorrow.
"How do you go from idea to a multi-million DKK business in less than two years?"
By Camilla Hesselund Lastein, CEO & Founder, Lix Technologies
The media has named Camilla's startup as the Spotify version of books. At 22 years of age she established Lix, and went on to challenge the traditional way students buy and read textbooks. Lix has recently received an investment of 18 million DKK from North Media Online, and the future is looking bright with plans to extend in foreign markets and become a global player. The secret behind their success boom? Find out from Camilla on September 20.
"The innovation toolbox keeps growing, but how to know what approach will be most impactful in a given industry and situation?"
By Jordan Schlipf, Partner, Rainmaking Innovation
At Rainmaking Innovation, a global innovation consultancy, the focus is on designing and delivering unique initiatives that create impactful and disruptive innovation for forward thinking corporations such as Airbus, Siemens, Daimler and Cisco. The entrepreneurial mindset is deeply embedded in everything Rainmaking Innovation undertakes, and the unique needs of every company represent the catalyst of all their projects. Jordan takes the stage to share the data and provide the overview.
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Be inspired by talks and showcases from 12 top innovators + breakfast, lunch & fuel during the day to keep you sharp.

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Rainmaking Summit happens September 20, 2016: 8.30-14.00


The Copenhagen Opera House

Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Kbh K


The Opera is easily accessible by harbour bus, bus (Line 9A) and metro (nearest stop is Christianshavn Torv from where you can take 9A – or a short stroll – to Holmen. Find more info on movia.dk

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Rainmaking Summit is organized by Rainmaking, the company behind 25 homegrown startups, 350 startup investments, co-working spaces serving 1000 entrepreneurs, and a facilitator of innovation for 130 corporates in 30 countries.

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Rainmaking Summit — Sep. 20th 2016 at the Copenhagen Opera House